Friday, January 23, 2009

Qualcomm 3G Chipsets

You are only as good as the crew you have working around you. This web video was put together by the very talented minds at Murphy Design and Ninthlink. It seems simple enough, but it took a casting agent, the selected talent, a wardrobe stylist, a make-up stylist, a sound designer, an art director, a web designer, a web programmer, an account executive, a photoghapher, two assistants and a client willing to do something outside the box to pull it off. The best projects are the ones that have not been done before.

In addition to the images of the people, we shot the stills of the phones in a variety of positions. These were later used to create the landscapes and backgrounds. Thanks to Matt and Jeromy Stallings, as well as, Mark Murphy letting me be a part of your team on this one.

Check out more of the talents at Ninthlink and Murphy Design.

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