Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scott Kelby Guest Blogger

Tomorrow I will be the guest blogger at www.scottkelby.com. There have been some amazing and inspirational posts here in the past month, so check it out. If you haven't seen the post/film that Zach Arias posted there as the guest blogger, take the time to view it. Thanks Scott and Brad for the invite, I appreciate the opportunity.


Kevin Fischer said...

I just got done reading your post on Scott Kelby's blog. Thank you for everything you shared. I think it is even more inspiring when a person not only gives advice but takes what they give and does it. I loved that you said..."Believe in yourself. Remember, the rollercoaster is more fun than the merry-go-round." Thank you for sharing your heart and inspiring me.

Anonymous said...

Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!

Petula Pascall said...

Hi Tim! I have to say that your guest blog is one of my top 3 scottk's gblogs. Thank you for making me feel that I can achieve what I want in being and becoming the photographer that I want to be.