Wednesday, May 27, 2009

NFL Photo Shoot : The Last of My 55 Polaroid (Almost)

Matt Stafford

I had a shoot with a bunch of NFL Rookies last week and took the opportunity to shoot some Polaroid 55 images with an old Linhoff 4x5 camera. Sad to say, I am down to the end of my stock pile. It is sad to think that soon I will soon never be able to shoot this film again.

Mark Sanchez

Michael Crabtree

Jason Smith

Andre Brown


Anonymous said...

These are just outstanding. Wow, the thought of no more film, it's a strange thought.

Anonymous said...

These are really great images Tim. Have you checked out

Tim Mantoani Photography said...

I have Mark. Looks like they are just doing film for SX-70 style cameras. I have not heard anything about peel apart or bringing back 55 neg film.